Signing contract – Receiving Gold

To be grateful to customers who have been accompanying Odin Land during the past time, We run the "Signing contract – Receiving Gold" program for all customers who use the rental consultancy service of Odin Land
Ưu đãi vàng tặng khách hàng thân thiết

Ưu đãi vàng tặng khách hàng thân thiết

Time application

From June 1, 2021 until the announcement is over

Gift giving policy:
For customers with successful office leasing:

Gift Gold OfficeFor customers with successful commercial premises leasing:

Gift Gold Mall“Signing contract – Receiving Gold” is a gratitude for cooperation as well as for the valuable feelings of customers, who have always accompanied Odin Land during the past and the upcoming journeys.

In the near future, we will continue to deploy more special programs to constantly bring satisfaction and added value to loyal customers.

Odin Land is ready to serve customers anytime, anywhere, bringing the best services:

  • A trusted partner of more than 5,000 offices in major cities across the country, more than 300 co-working, 500 commercial premises, 40,000 townhouses, 500 industrial parks in Vietnam
  • Provide customers with latest, accurate information and best investment options
  • Our dedicated, enthusiastic & devoted team always brings the best services to our customers

For more information about the program, you can register for an account on the website Or contact Hotline 0937 967 700.

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