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Best leasing consultant firm

Odin Land is the leading firm in Vietnam with the real estate leasing services specialized in office leasing, commercial premises and shared offices for over 10 years and developed by dedicated, experienced entrepreneurs in the Real Estate industry



Our vision is to become the leading property leasing firm in Vietnam. We aim to close the gap between customers and developers by consulting and providing the best information through modern technology platform and a team of professional consultants


Bringing the best services to our customers & developers with transparency and clarity to ensure maximum benefits

Dedicated team

Our dedicated, expert team working for the benefits of customers. We provide 24/7 customer support to ensure that every transaction not only meets but exceeds the level of service our customers expect from us



Adequate & accurate information

With our vision and orientation, Odin Land always expands in scope, network and always strives to provide buildings’ information quickly and accurately with full choices for customerst

Close relationship with Developer

We continually to provide the best solutions and support to our customers with the most appropriate cost. We guarantee to become a prestige place to connect customers and developers

Dedicated and Professional consultants

To provide the best customer services, our dedicated and professional team at Odin Land aim to be a company where they place great trust.


Simon paterson

Simon Paterson

Managing director

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of Real Estate in the country and internationally. Nearly 10 years of operation in Vietnam Real Estate Market. Simon Paterson always assesses and sees the potential of office leasing in Vietnam market, Mr Simon hope to create the best and most convenient office leasing service for our customers
Ông Đỗ Xuân Minh

Do Xuan Minh


With over 15 years of experience in real estate in general and real estate for rent in particular. Mr. Do Xuan Minh is participating in developing an extensive network linking prestigious investors and customers for needs


Kiều Thị Nhung

Kieu Thi Nhung

Senior Consultant

Having more than 3 years of experience in the field of real estate, enthusiasm is never stopped. Always strive to give customers good experiences, are appreciated, a close consultant of many customers
Nguyễn Thanh Trà

Nguyen Thanh Tra

Head of Commercial Leasing

Close customers are restaurant, cafe, school, gym, kindergarten, ... Ms.Trà always advises quickly, updates the status of the site as soon as possible for her customers
Lưu Đăng Kiên

Luu Dang Kien

Senior Consultant

Mr. Kien has received many compliments for his positive attitude at work. He is a person who has the ability to drive customers well negotiate well with the Owner
Lương Thị Giao Linh

Luong Thi Giao Linh

Sales manager

With over 10 years of experience in the field of Real Estate Rental, we always receive compliments about the attitude of working with customers. Ms Linh is getting higher and higher and getting more success in real estate leasing. Customer satisfaction is always the top working criteria
Nguyễn Đỗ Nhật Linh

Nguyen Do Nhat Linh

Head of Office Leasing

The ability to understand the market and the sensitivity of the profession helps Mr. Linh to bring many perfect choices for customers. Mr Linh is always ready to assist customers whenever necessary
Hoàng Thị Kim Anh

Hoang Thi Kim Anh

Senior Consultant

Many years of experience in the field of business premises, commercial centers, offices for rent. Ms. Kim Anh will bring many solutions to customers, especially those with large area

Tang Thi Nhung

Sale Consultants

Always in TOP best consultants, Ms. Nhung always tries to give customers the best options for office leasing and commercial center for rent most suitable and effective, Therefore, always get good appreciation from customers
Vuong Thi Chien

Vuong Thi Chien

Sale Consultants

The advantage is knowledge of buildings, quick information updates. Ms. Chien always wants the fastest and most accurate support for her customers. Expanding the information network is a useful bridge between the Investor and the Customer
Bùi Thị Linh

Bui Thi Linh

Sale Consultants

Meeting and supporting many customers is a great experience to identify and advise customers to find the best office. Ms.Linh has always been highly appreciated by customers for the sensitivity, agility and accuracy in office information
Mr Giang

Tran Hoang Giang

Sale Consultants

The mind with the profession is Mr.Giang's point which is highly appreciated by customers. Always strive for our customers to find a well-developed working environment at the best cost, always supporting customers with the best choices.


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Over 100 successful transactions annual

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Odin Land has successfully assisted over 2,000 customers throughtout over 10 years of operation

I am very satifised with Odin Land’s service with professional and dedicated staffs and support me in office design
5ec40045df40221e7b51 300x275
Ms. Trang – D-Holding Group
It took me more than 2 years to find an ideal office, and luckily I found Odin Land. After 3 months, I found a suitable office space for my company.
Bdd9de800185fcdba594 300x211
Mr. Hung – Ha Noi Securities Corporation (HSSC)
Thank for Odin Land support, after 2 months I have found a good, properly cost for the office at Vinafor building
Woman Wearing Orange Blazer Showing Thumbs Up 3201694 Removebg Preview 200x300
Ms. Ha - Phu Hung Securities Corporation
When I work with the designer, they refer me to Odin Land for office leasing service. I am very happy to find a company which provide fast service, accurate & complete information, and arrange friendly environment when working with developer. I highly appreciate your service!
Smiling Young Lady With Glasses In Office 4149081 Removebg Preview 300x200
Ms. Yen – DLS Incorporation
I tend to be a pefectionist person, so I take a lot of time to find office and transaction office for my company. We are a foreign company and have high standard requirements of workspace. Odin Land has helped us solve those problems.
Woman In Brown Blazer Smiling 4063864 Removebg Preview 200x300
Ms. Thuy – Public Bank Viet Nam
Through acquaintances, I have worked with Odin Land on referral leasing offices. The office market in Vietnam is now expanding too fast and I have a hard time assessing the market well, thanks to the consultation of Odin Land we now have a nice office, safety and receiving good assessment.
Positive Mature Employee Surfing Tablet While Eating Apple 3931596 Removebg Preview 300x200
Seongbok_Brand of Palnapina World Transport Viet Nam