office for lease Lotte Tower

54 Lieu Giai, Ba Dinh, Hanoi


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Last updated on: 25/08/2023

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  • Lotte super market
  • Shopping mall
  • Angel in us Coffee
  • Restaurant Thai Express
  • Restaurant Shusi Kei
  • Floor
  • Company name
  • Industry
  • Floor 29
  • Relyon Vietnam Information Technology Service Company Limited
  • Information Technology
  • Floor 11
  • AIA Life Insurance Vietnam Company
  • Insurrance

54 Liễu Giai, Cống Vị, Ba Đình, Hà Nội, Việt Nam

Is the rental price of Lotte Tower the best price?

All is the rental price, Odin Land will support the best negotiation with the official price will be reduced by 5-20% & many other incentives.

Do tenants have to pay fees for Odin Land when renting Lotte Tower?

All regular tenants are free of charge. In addition, Odin Land has many other special offers.

Can the rental terms of Lotte Tower be negotiated anymore?

All rental terms are negotiable. Odin Land will provide the best support

Vacancy, rental price, and what are the rental conditions at Lotte Tower?

Please contact: 0937.967.700 to get more information

What areas does Lotte Tower have for rent?

Area from 50m2, 70m2, …, however, different areas will be empty each time, please LH: 0933.248.000 for details

Contact detail

Dao My Thao

Senior Consultant